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Call It A Unicorn

This is MJoy's debut solo album, encased in an eco-wallet. When playing live, majority of the time, MJoy is solo & acoustic. But when she writes, she hears a full band in her head. This perfectly balanced joy-inducing pop-rock is the product of 2 heads being better than 1. Producer Justin Vanegas, who has known MJoy since the early college days, heard some stuff in his head too while recording this album. And here you have it! It's kinda like 2 friends made a musical baby. We are proud parents. Let us show off this unicorn to you!

Does Everybody Like You/Time to be Alive/Call it a Unicorn/The Hard Part/Get Naked/Believe it/Tal Vez/Nothing Says it Better/What Did I Do/Passion Out/Hott Mess/One Day at a Time/The Spark

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